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Real Estate Law Attorney at Law - Cherry Hill, NJ

Buying and Selling Real Estate Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

When buying and selling all of its assets is a major event in one’s business and personal life. Important factors in buying a business are negotiation, due diligence inquiries into the business and financial affairs so that a buyer is not blindsided by unknown or unforeseen problems that can cause unforeseen problems. Important factors in selling a business are to make sure that the seller is receiving top dollar, negotiations for contingencies, and putting closure to the sale. Both sides require tax advice in order to minimize taxes that arise from the transaction as well as from the operation of the business. Often there need to be agreements drafted such as shareholder and operative agreements, covenants not to compete, confidentiality, and promissory notes. Having experienced and educated attorneys in these types of transactions avoids litigation in the future due to poor representation.

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Foreclosure Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

Even without a bankruptcy, homes can be saved from foreclosure through negotiation, litigation, and modifications. Mark was appointed Regional Counsel for the New Jersey Judiciary Mediation program to assist homeowners losing their homes during the recession. As such he has helped several thousand homeowners. Even without HAMP programs, we have been able to negotiate “In-house” modification.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

Occasionally it makes sense for individuals to make changes in their housing situation yet minimize damage to their credit score. We have assisted many people who want to exit their housing situation yet not file bankruptcy. Sometimes there could be income tax consequences which need to be explained and understood. Contact us for more information.

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Mortgage Modification Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

Falling behind with mortgage payments is common for people who sustain hardships such as job layoffs, divorces, disability, or unforeseen financial problems. We have assisted thousands of people in similar circumstances saving their homes and many times obtain a lower monthly payment. The specific knowledge of how to present the information to the lenders requires experience, patience, and persistence.

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We commonly service many areas in PA and NJ. Below is a short list of some areas we frequently service.

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