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Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law Camden County, NJ

Real Estate & Financial Attorney Camden County, NJ

Camden County, New Jersey, is a mid-southern county within the state, with it’s western edge bordering Pennsylvania. The county had a population of over half a million people as of the 2019 census estimate. There is a total area of over 225 square miles. There are many colleges and universities located within the Camden borders, including Rutgers University - Camden, Rutgers School of Law, Rowan University at Camden, and Camden Community College, among others.

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Real Estate Law Camden County, NJ

Some important terms to know when dealing with real estate law include “title” (a term to describe the person who owns a piece of land), “mortgage” (a loan that covers the price of a house purchase; the lender gets partial ownership of the home as collateral), “foreclosure” (the process that allows the lender to take back control and ownership of a house if the owner doesn’t pay back the mortgage), “closing” (a meeting between the buyer and seller of a property to transfer ownership), and “real estate agent” (a professional who is licensed to conduct real estate transactions. When you need your real estate questions answered, look no further than Mark Cherry Law! We have all the answers and help you are seeking!

Bankruptcy Law Camden County, NJ

Should I consider bankruptcy? If this is a question you have asked yourself, there are many things to understand and think about. Bankruptcy law contains many different parts, or “Chapters”, one of which is called Chapter 12. This is a section all about Family Farmer Bankruptcy, and Family Fisherman Bankruptcy. It allows farmers and fishermen, who still have a regular income, to create and enact a repayment plan to pay back all or part of their debt. Usually this plan to repay creditors happens over a three to five year period. While you may not be a farmer or fisherman in need of a way to repay your debts, if you need to talk to a professional about filing for bankruptcy, come see us at Mark Cherry Law and have all your questions answered!

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