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Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law Cherry Hill, NJ

Real Estate & Financial Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ, is a town located in Camden County, New Jersey. Boasting a population of over 70,000 people, Cherry Hill sits about 8 miles southeast of the center of Philadelphia. The city is a hub for corporate life within the city, housing the headquarters for T.D. Bank, as well as other major corporations. Cherry Hill has 51 public parks, as well as three parks owned by Camden County. Most have playground equipment, basketball courts, walking paths, and athletic fields.

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Real Estate Law Cherry Hill, NJ

What is real estate law? In order to understand real estate law, you first need to understand what the term “real estate” means. By definition, “real estate” is land, and the buildings that are built on that land. While this may seem like a very straightforward, simple concept, there are many nuances to consider. Real estate, both land and buildings, can be owned and used in various different ways, both residential and commercial, and each has different legal needs. In order to understand all the nuances that come with real estate law, having a real estate attorney is crucial. Whenever you have a real estate need, no matter how big or small, please contact Mark Cherry Law for all the professional help you deserve!

Bankruptcy Law Cherry Hill, NJ

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, there are many things to consider, think about, and understand before moving forward. There are many “chapters” within bankruptcy law. One example of this is Chapter 7. This chapter deals with liquidation, which is the sale of a debtor's property, where the proceeds are distributed to various creditors. In order to qualify for Chapter 7of the Bankruptcy Code, the debtor must be an individual, corporation, or partnership. The debtor must file a petition with the bankruptcy court, and pay any fees that are associated with filing, unless it is deemed that the fees may be waived due to lack of income of the debtor. When you are considering bankruptcy, come to the experts at Mark Cherry Law for the professional help you deserve. We are there for you!

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