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Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law Burlington County, NJ

Real Estate & Financial Attorney Burlington County, NJ

Burlington County, New Jersey, is a county located in the middle of New Jersey, and it touches both the western and eastern edges of the state. It borders Camden County, among others. It is considered part of the Delaware Valley Area. Records for the county date back as far as 1681. The largest of New Jersey’s counties, its 820 square miles are peppered with many rivers, including Mullica River, Wading River, Pennsauken Creek, and Rancocas Creek.

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Real Estate Law Burlington County, NJ

What exactly is real estate law, and why would you need a professional real estate attorney to help you? Real estate law governs the use of the land and who may own the land. Many laws are needed when dealing with the sale of land, to ensure that real estate transactions are performed properly and recorded properly. There are also rules at the state and local level for how land may be used, including following any and all zoning laws. Real estate attorneys will either charge a flat fee, or an hourly rate, often depending on what services they are performing. Mark Cherry law is the place to go when you have real estate transaction needs. Please call us today to talk with us further!

Bankruptcy Law Burlington County, NJ

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you should know and understand the process, and the pros and cons to your decision. By definition, bankruptcy is a process that helps people who are in debt, and can’t pay their debt, get a fresh start by creating a repayment plan and liquidating assets. Bankruptcy can also help businesses who are in financial trouble as well. There are multiple “Chapters” within bankruptcy law, including Chapter 7 (Liquidation under the Bankruptcy Code), Chapter 9 (Municipality Bankruptcy), Chapter 12 (Family Farmer or Family Fisherman Bankruptcy), and Chapter 13 (Individual Debt Adjustment), among others. When you are considering bankruptcy and want an expert on your side, come see us at Mark Cherry Law! We can help you through the process!

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