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General Law Attorney at Law - Cherry Hill, NJ

MUNICIPAL COURTS Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

With over 30 years of experience we can provide you with the necessary skills needed to defend your rights. While many violations may seem minor, without the proper legal representation a conviction can be costly. Some charges that do not seem serious may have huge implications on your driver license, insurance, and immigration status. Serious items such as DWI and driving on the revoked list may have implications of large fines, surcharges, suspensions, or even possible imprisonment. Some cases require plea bargains, while other cases require litigation with experts in order to achieve the best results in the particular circumstances.

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WILLS & ESTATES Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

Protect your legacy with Mark S Cherry. Why would you trust your family’s future with an inexperienced attorney or a generic software program? Most individuals have not fully thought out what would happen if they became disabled or passed away. An estate plan would include a comprehensive will, a durable power of attorney, a medical directive (Living Will) that is specific to the wishes of the person. We take into consideration the issues such as practicality, cost, and both Federal and State tax implications. Sometimes various trusts are required to minimize tax effects and accomplish specific objectives. For more information fill out the contact form below.

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CRIMINAL CHARGES Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

Defending criminal charges is a very serious matter. Criminal convictions usually carry fines, prisons, and significant reputable damages. Even seemingly innocuous charges may cause major lifelong problems. So we take each matter seriously and make recommendations that would be in your best interest. It is our policy to spell out all the options and the client will make a decision once informed. Also, knowing about expunging past criminal matters is an important consideration. For more information fill out the contact form below.

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PERSONAL INJURY Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ

There are well established rules and laws as to whether or not somebody will have a viable personal injury lawsuit. It is the attorney’s job to prove liability and damages, to include all possible defendant‘s, and make certain that there are no Statutes of Limitations on recovery. Many times there’s change to there is a need for experts such as investigators, accident reconstructions experts, and medical professionals. Perhaps the appropriate remedy is workers compensation, social security disability, or other forms of financial recovery. Most insurance companies will defend vehemently, so an aggressive attorney will prepare the case to withstand attack.

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Mark S. Cherry Law is a general practice law firm who specializes in wills, estates, personal injury, foreclosure prevention, business law, and real estate law. Contact us today!

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