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Mark S Cherry, Attorney at Law, PC is a general practice professional law firm in Cherry Hill, NJ that, in addition to the general practice of law, assists homeowners across New Jersey. We have experience in Foreclosure Prevention and Bankruptcy Law. Our firm has helped hundreds of clients file bankruptcy securing their financial future and prevented many foreclosures keeping families safe at home.

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Bankruptcy - A Deeper Look at Bankruptcy
Foreclosure - The Foreclosure Process
Mediation - Understanding Mediation
Loan Modification - Breaking Down The Loan Modification Process
Graceful Exits - Understanding Short Sales, Deeds In Lieu and Other Lender Options

Bankruptcy Attorney - Your Local Attorney

We have been helping residents across New Jersey file bankruptcy for many years. You can rest assured that we can lead you through this challenging time and file your bankruptcy successfully, as we did for so many others. If you're like millions of other Americans who have fallen victim to the current economical depression, Call us about your Bankruptcy options before going further into debt with credit cards and second mortgages. Know your legal rights by taking the next step forward and contacting us now.

Foreclosure Lawyer - Your Local Trusted Law Firm

Preventing a foreclosure is often extremely challenging and very few people know how to put the pieces into place to delay and even stop the process of a foreclosure successfully. Beware of the many companies now selling desperate homeowners mortgage auditing services and loan modifications, without a local office or proper legal representation. No matter who you decide to work with, make sure they are local NJ based Lawyers you can talk to directly in the confidence of their office, like our firm. We're local, we're legal and we care.

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